Period: 2019 -2019

Donor: Cast Italy

Period: 2019-2019

Donor: Deutsch-Tansanische Partnerschaft, Tanzania Youth Coalition, Sharing Worlds Tanzania

Budget: 3,281,450 TSH

Brief: Boresha Mazingira was a small scale project on climate change related topics. It was implemented at one urban and one rural school in Dodoma MC. It consisted of a theoretical part, where the topic climate change was discussed, and a practical part, where trees were planted at the urban school and solar lamps for studying at home were built at the rural school. After the workshop every student could take his/her own solar lamp home.

Period: 2011-2016

Donor: USAID through Africare Tanzania

Budget: 291,809 USD

Brief: Pamoja Tuwalee project aimed to improve the lives of Most Vulnerable Children and their caretakers through provision of comprehensive services. The project was funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) under the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) and was implemented nationally through four key partners: Africare, Family Health International, World Education and PACT. Africare implemented the initiative in Dodoma, Singida, Njombe and Iringa regions in collaboration with Futures Group International, Tanzania Home Economics Association (TAHEA) and Chama Cha Uzazi na Malezi Bora Tanzania (UMATI). The project started in 2011 and phased out in November 2016.

Sharing Worlds Tanzania was a sub-grantee/implementing partner of Africare and implemented the project from 2011 to 2016, when it phased out. SWT implemented the project in three districts, which are Bahi, Chamwino and Dodoma Municipal in Dodoma region.

Period: 2013 – 2016

Donor: USAID through Africare Tanzania

Budget: 208,882 USD

Brief: Mwanzo Bora Nutrition Program (MBNP) was funded by USAID; Consortium Partners were: Africare (Prime), COUNSENUTH, the Manoff Group and Deloitte, Tanzania. The main goal was to support the Government of Tanzania to implement its National Nutrition Strategy, focusing on reducing maternal anemia and reducing child stunting among children aged 0-59 months by 20%. The program was implemented in Zanzibar and Tanzania Mainland. Mwanzo Bora geographical coverage included Manyara, Morogoro and Dodoma regions, 8 councils in Chakechake and Micheweni districts. MBNP was working with sub-grantees in Tanzania Mainland in its respective regions.


Sharing Worlds Tanzania was the sub-grantee/implementing partner of Africare that implemented the project in Dodoma Municipal and Bahi District in Dodoma region.

Period: 2015 – 2016

Donor: Twaweza East Africa

Budget: 9312 USD

Brief: Uwezo is a citizen led initiative on assessing studying skills of children in Kiswahili and English language and calculating simple mathematics for children of 7 years to 16 years.

The Uwezo assessment aimed to get answers for the question ‘are our children learning?’


In 2015, SWT in collaboration with Twaweza East Africa conducted Uwezo Basic Assessment in Dodoma Municipal in order to assess the skills of children aged 7 to 16 years on writing and reading English and Swahili and calculating simple Mathematics.

In 2016, the Organizations conducted Uwezo Beyond Basics in Chamwino Districts that focused standard five and six children, in order to evaluate if they have qualified skills that are acquired in standard four.

Period: 2014 – 2015

Donor: Sharing Worlds Foundation Netherlands

Budget: 19,303 USD

Brief: SWT implemented Wezesha project in Bahi district with the aim to improve the lives of vulnerable people in mostly rural areas by improving the quantity and quality of CBO services and support targeted vulnerable people who live in poverty or who are affected by or infected with HIV. Ten CBOs were involved. The project was implemented in 4 wards which are Chikola, Chipanga, Kigwe and Ibihwa. 

Period: 2013 – 2014

Donor: Children in Crossfire

Budget: 7754 USD

Brief: The study aimed to encourage parents and caretakers to talk much more, and in the right way, to babies from birth on to help to create a rich language environment in the first year of life for childhood development.

Period: 2009 – 2013

Donor: Sharing Worlds Foundation Netherlands

Budget: 92,835 USD

Brief: The project aimed to build the capacity of CBOs and facilitate them to provide health and social services to vulnerable members of the society including Most Vulnerable Children and People Living with HIV and AIDS.