Period: 2016 – 2023
Donor: Kembe Foundation Netherlands
Fund: TZS 72,871,971

Hakika Project is the sunflower production project funded by Kembe Foundation. “The Kembé Foundation is an official Erasmus University student- and alumni organization”. The project aims to facilitate local community in Dodoma Municipal on sunflower production to help them increase production and access market. On the other hand it facilitates ACC with seed stocking business as an income generating activity to help the organization earn income to finance its activities. Currently the project is implemented at Gawaye village in Chihanga ward in Dodoma City. Main activities include trainings to farmers on good farming practices; supported them with quality seed for planting in year one of project implementation; technical support, follow ups and supportive supervision; and link them to the market. 163 farmers have been reached.

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